Graphic Design


Communicate your brand and product identity knowledge with our professional Graphic Design services. We have been working on the digital design for the publicity of the leading brands in Malaysia. Our graphic design will help to realize the goals of your company strategy.

Organic Traffic - Increase
Bounce Rate - Decrease
Average Visit Duration - Increase
Pages Per Session - Increase

Great design is at the heart of Vaunts Agency.

Brand Identity

Why should you do advertising? Advertising is a one of the fastest marketing strategy to create awareness for your brand, product and services. Pushing the envelope by creating ads that are unique and out of the box, hence creating popularity and appropriate image for itself. We do Ads in the form of flyer, newspaper, newsletter all sorts of digital advertising and more with the right graphics.

Print Design

We will work together to research your target market demography step by step by age, location, income, and more. Afterwards plan and create the right type and style of branding for your product.Identify your brand competitor and then find the strategy to execute all branding elements with our creative graphic designer.

Digital Design

We develop your promotional material and publication.Create your strong visual theme and brand identity.Our team has strong communication and interpersonal skills.


Great design is at the heart of Vaunts Agency. We have a team of award winning graphic designers – constantly inspiring and challenging one another to produce their best.The energy in our design studio is contagious and the standard is seriously high. We live for design challenges and have received national and global awards for our work. Think of us for logo design, branding, identity, print, packaging, displays, advertising, web and production.